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Satava Wellness

        Discover Radiant Health


Balanced nutrition, an active lifestyle, human connection, positive mindset, restful sleep, hydration and conscious breath are all key elements to feeling more vitality and aliveness. Understanding where you are when you begin or continue your journey into a healthier lifestyle can help you to set realistic and attainable goals in a time frame that feels comfortable and manageable in your already busy life. 

The power of positive thought and mindfulness mastery are key components to creating the life you are striving to live. Joyful connections, radiant energy, abundance and emotional balance are cultivated from a place of thought awareness and specific daily action.

Movement (or exercise) is essential in keeping your heart healthy and feeling radiant and balanced in your life. 

Mineral and vitamin rich whole foods naturally support a stronger immune system and provide the essential nutrients to function at your optimal health. 

Conscious breathing is the art of letting your air intake effectively carry oxygen to all parts of your body allowing for more focus, more patience and more aliveness in every area of your life.

Drinking healthy clean fluids nourishes and lubricates your body so that you feel brighter, lighter and overall more vitality in each of your every precious moments.

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